wa F West Africa AIDS Foundation The West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) in collaboration with the International Health Care Center (IHCC) continue to battle the spread of HIV, TB and other medical conditions through grassroot initiatives and care and support centers throughout local communities. Donate As part of activities marking the launch of the 20th anniversary of WAAF, Dr Naa was interviewed by ace broadcaster Oheneyere Gifty Anti on her TV show, the Standpoint. stop AIDS Click on below button to watch the interview. WATCH NOW "Hardship and Hope" - Dr. Naa's Love Affair with Persons Living with HIV and AIDS was written by Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye-Donton. The book details the inner-workings, struggles, and commitment of the International Health Care Center (IHCC) and the West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF), based in Accra, Ghana. It also includes the stories of other major staff as well as patients and clients that have made a lasting impression. hardship & Click on below button to purchase a copy PURCHASE NOW Hope AIDS DAY 1   December world TB DAY 24th   March world Slide

Who is WAAF?

West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization, registered in Ghana in 1999 with the Registrations General and the Social Welfare Department.

It was founded by Eddie Donton after losing his first son to sickle cell disease at the age of 7 when residing in California. As a way of grieving, Eddie decided to find a way to deliver end-of-life care to those who needed it. He set up WAAF in Ghana to serve the region of West Africa due to the desperate need for quality health care, especially for HIV and AIDS patients in the region.

It's time to do something for others. Let's change the world together.

Preventative Medicine
Prevention is the key to health and wellbeing and as such WAAF focuses on preventative medicine

Clinical Services
Access to services across the entire health care spectrum is key, so WAAF also provides onsite clinical services.

Differentiated service delivery
WAAF brings services to the people, increasing accessibility.

Capacity building
Understanding and speaking up to your issues for redress is key for positive change and asuch WAAF builds capacity.

Project management
Exactly as Basil S Walsh said: ‘If you don’t know where you are going, How can you expect to get there?’.

Research & Advocacy
WAAF believes in efficiency and effectiveness. Research also helps to strengthen our advocacy efforts.

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What our clients are saying

I was diagnosed with HIV and TB a year ago. With a fast deteriorating condition, I resorted to using herbal drugs. However, my condition worsened, and I ended up on admission in a private hospital. The Doctor at this hospital, directed me to IHCC. Initially skeptical about going, it took some time before I made the first visit. I was very surprised by the way I was warmly received and taken through counseling that took away my doubts and fears about living with HIV. Through the encouragement and continuous support of the IHCC staff especially the model of Hope, I completed my tuberculosis treatment and was put on ARVs. Today I am healthy, I have gained my weight back and most of all I am happy and see a great future ahead of me. Thanks to IHCC

Mrs. J.O.B49 years

I struggled to accept my HIV status when I was diagnosed five years ago and therefore resorted to prayer camps and the use of herbal drugs, some of which were very expensive, costing as much as GHS2000.00. Without any improvement however, my sister-in-law who knew about my status directed me to IHCC. Initially I did not want to go for fear of being scolded or shouted at, things that we commonly hear about. When I could no longer stay away from care, I made a visit to IHCC, where I was welcomed and counselled about my condition. I was given so much hope once told that If I took my medication, I could get better. It has been 7months now, and I am doing very well. I do not fall sick frequently as I used to before and I am very happy with myself and everything else. The services were also very affordable compared to other places. I am grateful to IHCC.

Madame S.A.I31 years

I had found out about my HIV status when my husband fell very ill. Very confused about what had overcome me, I went into complete denial. I knew however that I would have to seek treatment one day however, I continued to push this away out of fear and shame. When I started to notice my cloths getting bigger for me, I knew if I did not do something, I would be in for big trouble. I went online just trying my luck, not in the least thinking I would stumble upon the West Africa AIDS Foundation site. Once I did and noticed that they had an affiliated clinic, I immediately called. The way I was talked to on the phone motivated me to visit them on my appointment day. I could not have wished for anything better. The way I was handled, it just felt like I had seroconverted to being HIV negative. I was so happy I found this place. I have been receiving care from them ever since and what I love most is how they ensure they meet my needs no matter what. They are realty the best thing that happened to me.

Madam A.O55 years