Project Duration: October 2022 – June 2023

Funding Agency/ Donor: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Implementing partners: List them below

  1. West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF)
  2. Hope for Future Generation (HFFG)
  3. ProLink
  4. Rural Aid Alliance Foundation (RAAF)
  5. Worldwide International Youth Organization (WIYO)
  6. Life Relief Foundation (LRF)
  7. Hope for all Foundation (HOFA)
  8. Maritime Life Precious Foundation
  9. Micdak

Project Goal: To create awareness, offer and acceptance of the COVID 19 vaccine among the target populations to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the three selected regions namely Western, Western North and Ahafo Regions.

Project Objectives:

  • To accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations to achieve district COVID-19 targets allocated
  • To increase awareness through education on COVID prevention, uptake of the vaccine of the general population above 15 years
  • To increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccines by at least 90% of minority groups of PLHIV, MSM, FSW, People with Disability (PWDs), and migrant population.
  • To build capacities of CSO partners, health workers involved in the project, recognize community influencers, and key stakeholders to ensure effective COVID-19 immunization intervention implementation.

Target population: All persons 15 years and above including pregnant women, PLHIV, people with disability, migrant populations, and KPs (FSW, MSM)

Implementation Areas: Ellembelle, Nzema East and Jomoro

Project Target: 85,510 (Ellembelle) 59,437 (Nzema East) 146,678 (Jomoro)

Key Project actors: Ghana Health Service/District Health Directorates/EPI/Disease Control/Health Promotion Officers/Health Information Officers/Community Information Centers/Leaders of support groups (PLHIV, FSW, MSM)/Queen Mothers/Assemblymen

Key Areas for the Intervention:

Community-led mobilization and sensitization

House to House community campaigns

Community vaccination points