Project Duration: October 2022-November 2023
Funding Agency/ Donor: The Global Fund
Implementing partners:

  • selected ART sites
  • selected pharmacies
  • CHPs Compounds

Project Goals and Objectives:
As part of rolling out differentiated service delivery where the client is at the center of services, this pilot project seeks to ensure clients on ART who are virally suppressed get the option of having their ARV refills at pharmacies closer to them at community level. This will also lead to the following: 

  • Reduce stigma and discrimination.
  • Reduce congestion at Health facilities, so clients who need facility level care can be catered to promptly.
  • Optimize staff workload, hence increasing service delivery cost-efficiency.
  • Reduce pressure for medicine refills at the Health Facility
  • Allow for tailored counselling and health education
  • Improve client care and treatment outcomes.

Target population/ Project Target:
People Living with HIV who are successfully established on ART.
Implementation Areas:
Ashanti region
Greater Accra region
Eastern region
Central region


As part of the roll out of innovative differentiated service delivery where clients remain at the center, WAAF’s onsite clinic; the International Health Care Centre (IHCC) in Haatso, was approached by the Christian Health Association Ghana (CHAG) to join the facilities piloting the community refill project. This project is spearheaded by CHAG, NACP and HIV coordinators. Under this project, clients who are living with HIV, are stable and virally suppressed on treatment can get their ARV refills at community level within selected pharmacies.

The project started with the selection of pharmacies which was followed by a week’s training on ARVs, stigma and discrimination, confidentiality, and proper documentation when it comes to records keeping in HIV treatment. So far, IHCC works with 2 pharmacies; CS Allot and Tap Pharmacy all within the Ga East District. We have successfully referred 35 well-established clients to the pharmacies who have successfully picked their medications (ARVs).

Picking up ARV refill at community level allows for clients to not necessarily come to the health facility / clinic for a period of at least 3 months if there is absolutely no need for that. If, there is a need for facility level visit, the clinic where they are registered is always available to give them the services the clients may need. Clients, however, remain on scheduled facility level visit appointments for other services such as routine laboratory tests and periodic doctor-check-in appointments.

WAAF / IHCC are already thinking of supporting the country to move to the next level where through Telehealth clients will be able to see their doctors when and where they need care.