Title: Passion Squad

Donor: self-funded

Timeframe: 2004 – 2014

Project Description: Recognizing the youth as the ‘Window of Hope” WAAF from a very early stage, focused on this group. A number of schools, junior and senior secondary schools were identified in selected regions of Ghana. Within these schools, clubs were formed where students would come together after school hours to learn about sexual and reproductive health matters including HIV. WAAF would facilitate the sessions with these school SRH clubs. Over time, the clubs from the different schools will compete in interschool club competitions centered around topics such as poster competitions where posters on stigma and discrimination will be drawn by the members of the clubs. The best 3 posters will win prizes such as cash prizes and or prizes of different things to support them through school. Other areas they would compete on were drama shows sound HIV,  wiring of poems and so many more.

Outcomes/impact: Over the years this project took place, many children from the second cycle of education were exposed to Sexual and Reproductive health including HIV in an innovative way. This enabled them to be well informed to make informed choices where their health is concerned. It also encouraged many to go into the field of health later on in their lives.