Title: Barclays Bank / WAAF HIV treatment Support project

Donor: Barclay Bank Ghana Ltd

Timeframe- 2008

Project description:  WAAF started off in Ghana self-financing many of its projects. Realizing the need to look for multiple funding sources, WAAF in the very early days reached out to a diverse group of partners. The Barclays Bank, realizing WAAFs efforts in the management of HIV, gladly supported WAAF. To complement preventative efforts, the bank chose to concentrate on treatment as support in this area was non-existent at the time. WAAF received financial support from the Bank to take care of 200 PLHIV at the time, many if not all who could not afford medical care whatsoever. This enabled the clients to have access to quality healthcare including all that was available at the time for HIV management.  

Outcomes/impact: Many PLHIV were able to receive quality healthcare and to this day many of them are still in care and have moved on to, in their own way make a difference such as becoming models of hope, counselors and so much more to in-turn, contribute to the efforts.