Accra, October 9, 2018- The International Health Care Centre (IHCC) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Haatso, Accra. It is a medical facility focused on PUBLIC HEALTH that provides treatment to clients on an out-patient basis (specializing in the provision of affordable treatment and counselling services to people living with HIV, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases including Hepatitis B.

IHCC promotes health and care within the community as a whole but places a special emphasis on vulnerable and poor populations (children, widows, prisoners, marginalized groups, etc. For almost twenty years, the IHCC team, led by CEO and Medical Director, Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye – Donton has taken care of over 6,000 HIV positive clients. Currently, IHCC is taking care of over 1,500 HIV clients including about 100 HIV positive children.

Some of our ongoing interventions include Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission services that we provide to HIV positive mothers who are able to successfully give birth to healthy HIV negative children. Other interventions include the services we provide to discordant couples which ensure that although one spouse may be HIV positive, the couple are able to live happily as married couples without the positive spouse infecting the negative spouse and even go ahead to give birth to healthy HIV negative children. We also continue to offer HIV-AIDS sensitization/ educational workshops as well as screening and counselling services to multinational, local organizations as well as to the general public.

IHCC’s core strength is zero tolerance for stigmatization and discrimination against anyone with a chronic health condition and we advocate and promote quality of treatment and care for all. Over the years, we have worked in partnership with the Ghana AIDS Commission, the National AIDS Control Program, the National TB programme as well as some international and local partners like USAID, John Snow Inc., UNAIDS, the Ghana Health Service, the Netherlands Embassy and the Aya Centre, University of California Exchange Abroad Programme, University and Glad Star Ministries and the Methodist Church of Ghana. We have also worked in strategic alliance with organizations such as West Africa AIDS Foundation, Hope for Future Generations, WAPCAS, Socio Serve, Prolink among others.

This year marks 20 years of the provision of excellent and affordable health care and services to a segment of Ghanaians mostly stigmatized by the rest of the general public.