Although telehealth had its debut prior to COVID19, consequences of the pandemic such as lockdowns, physical distancing, and the extreme fear of acquiring the infection when in the midst of others, led to telehealth suddenly emerging as a silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, improving access to care and facilitating a transition toward digital medicine. In line with these developments, the West Africa AIDS Foundation, its onsite clinic, the International Health Care Centre (IHCC) and 2 second tier organizations, PORSH and WIYO, under the implementation of the USAID/KPIF funded, and FHI 360 managed project, “Meeting Targets and maintaining epidermic control aka EpiC project” introduced QuickRes, an online booking system that allows clients to book appointments for various sexual health services.

With financing from USAID and PEPFAR, FHI 360 created the Online Reservation and Case Management App (ORA) software, which is used by QuickRes (found at QuickRes is accessible in several locales and tongues. FHI 360, a global nonprofit organization devoted to enhancing people’s health and wellbeing both domestically and abroad, runs QuickRes. The West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) and FHI 360 are regarded as the “controllers” of QuickRes in Ghana (found at

What does Quickres offer?

QuickRes is an online platform that allows Simple access to confidential health services near you, quickly! Get friendly, private sexual health care in Ghana with the help of the QuickRes platform, which makes it possible for any member of the public to look up and reserve appointments for a variety of health services. Scheduled appointments are communicated to the preferred service provider, in this case WAAF and IHCC, after which the service provider helps clients get to appointments and records the health services given to clients who show up for appointments. Customers can also schedule free delivery of HIVST test kits and PrEP pills through QuickRes.

To further support Quickres as part of differentiated service delivery, WAAF and its clinic IHCC, give the clients three options for accessing services.

  1. Receive services at WAAF’s clinic the International Health Care Center
  2. Receive services at the offices of our second-tier organizations.
  3. Receive services through the mobile clinic at places of convenience for the clients.

WAAF & IHCC continue to be there for all ensuring no one is left behind.