Program Coordinators from the St. Catherine University, Minneapolis in the United States paid a working visit to the West Africa AIDS Foundation in Accra ahead of the arrival of their student who was scheduled to undertake her internship with WAAF. The visit was to inspect our facility to ensure a smooth internship experience for their student.
The St. Catherine university was kind to donate some clinical items to support the work of our onsite clinic, the International Health Care Centre (IHCC). The New Birth Midwifery also made a cash donation to support IHCC to purchase a new Ultrasound Machine. Anne Ness, the student, during her internship with WAAF-IHCC also donated a mini-ECG machine to help monitor the heart rate of clients when they come to the clinic to access the various services we offer.

The management of the West Africa AIDS Foundation and the International Health Care Centre remain grateful to the St. Catherine University, New Birth Midwifery in Minneapolis, and Anne Ness for their generous support towards our work.