Title: Health Equity Project

Timeframe – 2004

Donor – Self-funded

Description – During its early days of HIV service provision, the hospice at WAAF realized that, despite Ghana not openly talking about Key Populations, many clients and patients visiting belonged to Key Populations as we know them today. Without any specific projects in place to cater to their unique needs, WAAF decided to make an attempt to start the provision of tailored services to the different groups. With the support of an intern at the time, WAAF developed special complimentary cards that were given to KPs at the community level by members of their communities. These cards when presented to WAAF/IHCC would let us know who they were and also enable them to have access to free medical care which included education, screening for STIs and HIV as well as consultations with a medical officer.

Achievement –  Over the period of the project, many KPs had access to friendly preventive and curative medical care which resulted in many staying healthy.