Title: IHCCs Crisis Fund to help those in need

Donors: Save a Million Lives, AWDF, QWAAF, Friends of Guro, fundraisers, others

Timeframe: 2016 – ongoing

Project description: Working with some of the most vulnerable in society, it is not uncommon at all at IHCC to encounter clients who are unable to pay for services rendered to them. Many clients have to decide what the little money they have on them should be used for – for transportation to and back from the clinic, for food to feed their children, or for some other important basic need? This leads to them not coming in for care when they so much need this or if they do, falling out of care. Dealing with this on a daily basis moved WAAF/IHCC to look for ways to support such ones. Knowing that kind-hearted people are out there who would want to make a difference but may not know how WAAF/IHCC staff started to tell well-wishers about such stories when the opportunity arose. This led to such ones donating sums of money to IHCC to support these vulnerable needy ones. With time, staff would also circulate this through their social media sites and friends would donate towards a good cause. This is how the project has sustained itself and till today is able to continue to support many who otherwise would not seek needed treatment, would fall out of care, and even die an unnecessary death.  

Progress so far: Many kind friends of some staff, well-wishers, and concerned ones continue to support the project once they are reached out to. This continues to let many clients overcome challenges that sit in their way of accessing treatment such as transportation cost to and from the facility, the cost of some diagnostic tests, some medications and access to food. it ensures many can enroll into care, stay in care, and remain healthy which goes back to stop the spread of various diseases.