In the latter part of 2020, WAAF was extremely grateful when it was offered another opportunity through Pyxera Global to pro bono consultancy services.

Having enjoyed an excellent project with a team of consultants from Pfizer in 2019, WAAF quickly grabbed the opportunity and what a success this project was.

With the help of 4 consultants awarded to WAAF, all from the 3M company, a multinational conglomerate company with its headquarters in the USA,  WAAF was able to, among other things, put a step by step guide together that will help WAAF move the plan of structured involvement of private health facilities in HIV and TB programming into action. More info on this can be read on our current project section on our website:

After the close out of the project, WAAF has continued to further work on the deliverables of the consultants and is making progress in various aspects.

We at WAAF were glad therefore when we received word from one of the 3M consultants to be on the look out for an email from a partner organization of theirs called Global Giving. Having worked with Global Giving in the past, they were not new to us but WAAF had to renew its registration with them which we started immediately. Once that was done, WAAF started to see how to put a project together. One that we would hope, Global Giving would be willing to post for a fundraiser. 3M had however already started this process for us and all of us at WAAF were over our heads when we got notification that Global Giving in collaboration with 3M was donating $5000 to WAAF.

This support will go a long way to assist WAAF in an area that formed the core of the work with the 3M consultants, namely positioning private health facilities such that they not only play a key role in HIV and TB programming but that their efforts will be recognized because it will be documented and lessons learnt will be used for scale up.

We all at WAAF are forever grateful to Pyxera Global, 3M and Global Giving for this gracious support!