Any human being’s development is dependent on working with organizations that share one’s values and encourage personal growth. My growth began when I was posted to the West Africa AIDS Foundation, a non-governmental organization that offers services and support to those with HIV and AIDS. As a fresh Accounting graduate who was yet to have any practical job experience, WAAF gave me the opportunity to learn from experienced Accountants. I learnt how financial statements are prepared for the various Donors, Ensuring Statutory compliance and budgeting and making future projections. I was able to gain social connections, and professional experience through my national service with WAAF, all of which helped me further my career. While working with WAAF, I was able to interact with people from various backgrounds and learned about how HIV and AIDS have affected their lives. I also got the opportunity to participate in focus group discussions and review meetings. This encounter taught me a great deal about the difficulties and reality of living with HIV and AIDS and the significance of offering complete and all-encompassing support to individuals afflicted by the disease. Overall, my experience has been an enlightening one and one that has helped me in my career growth. 

David Marley

Accounting, University of Professional Studies, Accra.