Title: Equitable healthcare for all

Donor: self-funded

Partners: IHCC

Project Description: Since inception, a model made up of 2 complimentary entities that would provide services across the cascade remained the key. WAAF would focus on prevention, fund sourcing, whilst IHCC would focus on treatment in a sustainable way, ensuring to compensate WAAF’s work but also be able to do so in times of lack of donor support. For almost 21 years, this model has continued to service GHanainas and others from the region in a cost-effective manner. Understanding that viral suppression is key to the health of the individual infected with HIV but also to the halt of the spread of HIV, WAAF/IHCC from inception, focused on this complementary effort. IHCC today, on its HIV work, manages a cohort of almost 2000 clients, who are either referred to them by word of mouth, through other NGOs, from other medical facilities or by walk-ins where clients themselves walk into the facility. No one is turned away and all clients, regardless of what they come in for are treated exactly the same. There are no specific departments nor specific days for certain medical conditions and all services are fully integrated. Complementary services are ensured such as counseling by models of hope, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services,  home visits, home delivery of ARVs and so much more.  

Progress so far: 2000 individuals continue to enjoy ongoing care at IHCC. Many new ones are enrolled each month, PMTCT success rate is around 99% and clients enjoy the services they receive.