Project Name:  Improving access to LGBT rights and healthcare in selected regions of Ghana – Part 2

Donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ghana

Timeframe: 2016 – 2018

Partner: Human Rights Advocacy Center

Project Description: Following up on the successes of the first phase of the project, the Royal Netherlands Embassy agreed to continue the project for another 18 months. This allowed for the expansion of activities to other regions of the country and for WAAF to bring on board a key aspect that would go a long way in enhancing access to healthcare for key populations who many a time suffer so much from the stigma they are afraid to visit a health facility. The Mobile Clinic Van was introduced.

Empowering the communities to understand their rights and to therefore seek health care, WAAF on top of this brought the services closer to them. Now equipped with a mobile clinic, key population community members could get confidential health services right at their doorsteps in a confidential manner. This included one on one counseling/consultation, screening for STIs including HIV, and linkage to care where need be.

Outcome/Results: More community members now empowered and more able to access health care in a comfortable manner. The Mobile Clinic has continued to be very key in other aspects of WAAF/IHCC’s work and the latest contribution is that towards the Pre Exposure Prophylaxis project where those unable to come to the facility can have their consultations, blood work and even get their medications, all in the mobile clinic. A detailed report on this project can be accessed here.