Your contributions allow West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) to continue impacting various communities.

You can help in many ways. Nothing is ever too small.


Right now WAAF is running a crowdfunding campaign through JustGiving here to cover costs for a variety of equipment and running costs for both WAAF and IHCC. Please share through your social media and other networks! We would greatly appreciate it.


You can help by:

1. Donating funds directly to the organization

2. Contributing to any of our fundraising events (links always provided on our social media platforms)

3. Donating in-kind to any of our projects and we can make use of the following:

  • School books
  • School accessories / stationary
  • Cothing/shoes for marginalized children
  • Nutritional supplements for malnourished children and adults
  • Medical supplies (Over the counter medicines, disposables, condoms, hand sanitizers, selected ARVs- kindly get in touch with WAAF first on this)
  • Medical Equipment (ECG machine, Ultrasound equipment)
  • Body models (brain, thorax, internal organs for educational purposes)
  • Office supplies – computers/laptops/etc