Your contributions allow West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) to continue impacting various communities.

You can help in many ways. Nothing is ever too small.


Right now WAAF is running a crowdfunding campaign through JustGiving here to cover costs for a variety of equipment and running costs for both WAAF and IHCC. Please share through your social media and other networks! We would greatly appreciate it.


For those of you donating from the USA (and require USA certification for tax purposes), WAAF has a partnership with TransCap Foundation, a 501c3 organization which accepts donations on behalf of WAAF. Just please be sure to note WAAF on your donation form here.



You can also help by:

1. Donating funds directly to the organization

2. Contributing to any of our fundraising events (links always provided on our social media platforms)

3. Donating in-kind to any of our projects and we can make use of the following:

  • School books
  • School accessories / stationary
  • Cothing/shoes for marginalized children
  • Nutritional supplements for malnourished children and adults
  • Medical supplies (Over the counter medicines, disposables, condoms, hand sanitizers, selected ARVs- kindly get in touch with WAAF first on this)
  • Medical Equipment (ECG machine, Ultrasound equipment)
  • Body models (brain, thorax, internal organs for educational purposes)
  • Office supplies – computers/laptops/etc

But please be sure to contact us first so we can discuss items needed and the process for sending items. Thank you!