Nothing For us Without us (NUWU) Project

Nothing For us Without us (NUWU) Project

The Nothing for Us without Us (NUWU) project implemented by the West Africa AIDS Foundation and sponsored by Stop TB Partnership International has achieved a major part of its goal of having members from the TB affected communities play a major role in decision-making related to TB Care in Ghana.

The project has also contributed to building the structures of the Ghana TB Voice Network to be registered and recognized by government and other stakeholders as the main official body representing a collective voice of TB affected persons’ nationwide.In addition, members of the TB affected/infected community have had their capacity built not only in terms of advocacy but also in understanding basic facts of TB, which will enhance their capacity in playing another important role, which is ensuring success through the prevention to treatment spectrum.

Although the project objectives were broadly defined to empower TB affected communities to be actively engaged in national TB programming, the project also had the objective of having beneficiaries understand and lead public education on TB/HIV co-infection,  treatment adherence and the results of  TB related stigma.

As a result, the training sessions of the grant proposal were structured to include topics like HIV prevention, link between HIV and TB, diabetic control and prevention of multi-drug resistant TB. Subsequently, individuals who participated in the grant proposal trainings, have become treatment supporters monitoring newly diagnosed TB patients to enhance treatment outcome.  Beneficiaries also conduct periodic home visits to provide one-on-one TB/HIV education to other community members thereby enhancing community capacity.

The expected outcome of this grant was to see an active participation of TB affected communities and PLWD-TB in national dialogues and discussions concerning TB care in Ghana.

WAAF planned to reach this goal by empowering affected persons with knowledge and skills required to make significant contributions to national discussions and lobby stakeholder to see the need for representation of members from the TB infected/affected community on major platforms.

The main indicator for this outcome was having a seat created for TB affected communities on the Ghana CCM. The set outcome has been achieved with beneficiaries having their knowledge on TB and skills enhanced and as such are contributing to TB dialogues in the country. Additionally, members from the TB affected communities now occupy a seat on the CCM.

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