A. Prevention Programs: Health education on healthy sexual practices and lifestyles is important for improving the overall wellbeing of our clients. We offer educational programs on disease management and offer confidential HIV/AIDS screening, testing and counselling services for small medium enterprises, individuals and communities. Visit our clinic for more details.

(i) Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT): In collaboration with IHCC, we offer comprehensive education programs for HIV + pregnant women in efforts to prevent transfer of HIV/AIDS to unborn children/babies as well as ensure medication adherence for ARVS etc.

(ii) Healthy Mum-Healthy Baby : This program focuses on providing information on healthy nutritional guidelines for mothers and babies and as well as good lactating practices for expectant mothers.


B. Care and Support Program: Providing long term support and care for vulnerable people like those living with HIV/AIDS, orphans who have been affected by HIV/AIDS forms an integral part of our work. We provide support services through the ALMOND TREE PROJECT AND THE ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN (OVC) PROGRAM.

C.Educational Programs 

(i) In-school and Out of School Youth:  Our educational programs for young people in and out of school serve as part of our risk-reduction incentives for vulnerable populations. It is essential then for young people to be informed about the consequences of an active sexual lifestyle so as to make informed choices. We started the “Passion Squad”, clubs which reach out other students through creative outlets like video screenings, drama pieces in addition to workshops we provide.  We provide training for individuals to become peer educators who help us with providing training and spreading information to more members in various communities

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E. Advocacy & Empowerment

Human Rights Protection and Gender Equality: As part of our core values, we adhere to promoting the basic human rights of our clients and their access to health care without discrimination. We also feature a gender justice perspective in our work as ways of promoting positive lifestyles one that takes into consideration social background, class, sexuality, disability etc for all women and men. We are especially concerned about the inclusion of choice  and an enhanced agency for women.