Corporate Organization Education

Education and sensitization regarding the prevention and management of diseases specifically targeted at the staff and dependants of corporate organizations has a lot of benefits. Many a time, due to time constraints, the staff of such organizations   are not in a position to be part of programs held at the community level.

They do not have the time also to be visiting health facilities for prevention purposes. As a result, WAAF+ takes the services to their doorsteps, mostly in the form of a Wellness Package. However, for others this comes on special days like for example World AIDS Day or World TB day, when the staff is educated and screened on such topics. 

This leads to the promotion of inclusive work practices that ultimately reduces loss of life, improve quality of life including work-life, and better utilize financial resources.  Organizations reached in the past include: World Vision – Ghana, Barclays Bank Ghana, Water AID- Ghana, TLOC,  CSIR, etc