WAAF is so thankful to the many people who continue to support us in various ways.

But not everyone knows what exactly they can do to help. Often, we hear people say, “If we had known about that, we could have helped!”

As a result, we will be posting WAAF’s specific needs on this page.

The entire staff would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for your support.




Viral Load Machine

Estimated cost: $18,000
Currently, IHCC & WAAF have to check the viral load suppression rate of all clients who have been on ART medication for at least 6 months by sending blood samples to one of the nine locations throughout Ghana that have viral load machines. However, due to an overload of samples, it takes between 3-6 months for the results to be sent back to WAAF- IHCC, results that should only take one week! During this interim period, clients start to lose trust in the treatment site, which can often lead to the clients defaulting from their treatment. Results are needed in a timely manner in order to motivate clients to keep taking their medicines.



Estimated Cost: $15,000
IHCC & WAAF are looking for a trailer that they can convert into a mobile clinic. This new clinic will be an upgrade to the mobile clinic they currently operate, that is only equipped for education and some rapid testing. With access to examination beds and with space for more medical supplies, this new trailer will enable us to provide necessary treatment to clients in the mobile clinic as we visit them in their own communities.


Solar Panels

Estimated cost: $15,000
IHCC & WAAF are in need of solar panels with batteries to enhance power supply which is necessary for the storage facilities of medical commodities. The current power supply often fluctuates and is not entirely reliable for the functions of the organizations. In order to pro- vide the best possible care for our clients and to ensure a sustainable business practice, the addition of a solar panel power source is essential to IHCC & WAAF.


Cryotherapy Equipment

Estimated cost: $2,500
IHCC & WAAF are looking into acquiring cryotherapy equipment which will enable the organization to enhance their quality of care, especially for their key population. The equip-

ment is used to treat benign and malignant tissues damage and lesions, and will allow the organizations to take a more preventative approach to stopping the spread of multiple STI’s and will strongly aid in the fight against disease in West Africa.



Estimated cost: $2,400
In order to both enhance the quality of medical care on campus and reduce costs of trans- porting waste off campus, IHCC & WAAF are in need of an incinerator to be installed in the back of the clinic in order to enhance our methods of medical waste management.


Current needs:

The International Health Care Centre (IHCC), which is the on-site clinic at WAAF, is currently expanding so that we may better serve the number of clients who visit. Although we have gone very far in terms of the new building, we are still in need of the following to complete it:

  • Any contribution towards furniture, either by donation of goods or funds;
  • Contribution of funds to be allocated towards purchasing of new equipment (see above for examples) or our everyday products used in the clinic or laboratory (consumable products, testing tubes, stationary, condoms for clients – there are so many!)


Clinic Equipment

  • Chemistry analyzer to help us to introduce Hepatitis B management to our Northern Regional branch where these services are lacking;
  • Haematology machines for each of our Western and Northern Regional facilities.


Commodities & Disposables

  • Condoms (both male and female) always come in handy to assist in community outreach work and to provide to clients in the clinic or on outreach;
  • Gloves and hand sanitiser;
  • Bandages or plasters, alcohol wipes.



  • Over-the counter-medicines such as multivitamins, pain killers, dewormers etc;
  • Selected ARVs – for this, kindly get in touch with us first here.



  • To enhance outreach work and allow for effective monitoring of projects at the community level;
  • Such a vehicle might be a pick-up or other 4×4 vehicles, due to the bad road networks across Ghana;
  • Donation of funds towards regular vehicle maintenance and repairs (as we said, the road networks can be bad in Ghana, and vehicle repairs costs can be high!)



You can always contact us at: if you have anything you would want to donate and it is not in the list above. We would love to hear about suggestions for fundraising – especially if you would like to assist us!