WAAF (plus) is working to treat HIV not solely as a medical issue, but also to address this epidemic as both a cause and a consequence of poverty through various advocacy programs. WAAF contributes in various ways to the improvement of Ghanaians and one of this is through advocacy.

As an organization working at the grass root levels in many areas, we hear and see the issues first hand and make it a point to send these issues up to the higher level, fighting for positive change through partnership with many other organizations, WAAF will continue to work in the area of advocacy and  Programs that have led to impact are the following:

  • Universal pricing of Anti retroviral medications: WAAF (plus) advocated for equal pricing of ARV’s between public and government health facilities to enable PLHIV’s pay the same for their treatment.
  • WAAF (plus) advocated for the rights of PLHIV through a workshop organized for female PLHIV’s. here the women were not only made aware of their rights but were also empowered to ensure they made use of their rights
  • WAAF (plus) advocated for PLHIV to have access to micro financing to help sustain them economically
  • Advocating for equal access to health care for MSM