World AIDS Day 2020




Ms. Patience Narh (left), Acting manager of Tobincho Pharmaceuticals presenting Bg Glutanin Plus, Gofluc Susp, X’feron 150ml of medicine worth 867.00 Ghana cedis to WAAF-IHCC staff Ms. Sandra Boakye in support of HIV and AIDS clients during the 2020 World AIDS Day commemoration.


As part of the World AIDS Day commemoration across the world on 1st December 2020, The West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF) and the International Health Care Centre (IHCC) want to create awareness of the day under the theme “Eliminate HIV related stigma and discrimination” , narrowing down on the negative impact of stigma and how it is perpetuating the spread of HIV.

At the end of 2019, approximately 38 million people were living with HIV according to Global statistics on HIV. It is evident therefore, that more awareness needs to be created on HIV prevention to help achieve epidemic control. WAAF is one of the leading NGOs focused on battling the spread of HIV and AIDS, TB and other diseases by providing care and support to promote healthier individuals and for a better future.  The International Health Care Center (IHCC), which is WAAF’s on-site private health facility currently provides care and treatment services to more than 1,500 PLHIV clients.  In partnership with  IHCC, WAAF has been able to provide the full cascade of HIV services from prevention to treatment.


Questions to IHCC health Personnel

  • What is HIV ?
  • Amidst the current CODVID 19 pandemic, why is there a concern to address HIV issues?
  • A lot of people always associate HIV and AIDS to death, how true is this notion?
  • What is the difference between HIV & AIDS?
  • What are the causes of HIV?
  • Which population/groups in Ghana can we say are vulnerable to contracting HIV?
  • How can HIV be prevented?


 Questions to WAAF Counsellor

  • What is stigma and discrimination towards persons living with HIV and AIDS?
  • Who are the key persons affected by the impact of stigma?
  • Why is HIV and AIDS stigma a concern?
  • How can we address the stigma and discrimination that persons living with HIV or AIDS face?


Questions to WAAF Project Staff

  • Can you share some of the measures/interventions West Africa AIDS Foundation has implemented for HIV interventions?
  • What success stories can WAAF/IHCC share with regard to HIV prevention and control in Ghana?
  • Any impediment to HIV and AIDS prevention that you are facing?


Listen to the interview here