USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project

In September 2017 WAAF closed out the first phase (FY2017) of the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum project. After 10 monthsof project implementation in New Juaben (ER) and Accra Metro (GAR) WAAF can proudly say we made an effort in the fight against the HIV epidemic within the MSM community of Ghana. A total of 1714MSM have been reached with education and prevention messages though the work of Peer Educators in the two districts. Out of these 1156 MSMhave received HIV testing services and STI by professional and friendly project nurses. Detection of HIV positive MSM resulted 149 MSM detected to be HIV positive, giving a yield of 12.9%.

Since October 2017 WAAF has moved into FY2018, where project implementation will be targeting MSM within 5 Sub-metros of Accra Metropolitan Assembly. To ensure WAAF will meet targets set by the project, a number of new Peer Educators and Case managers have been recruited as part of the project team. 12 PEs ensure MSM are reached with preventive messages, while 7 CMs mentor and support HIV+ve MSM to get enrolled into HIV care and start antiretroviral therapy.

Key results Care Continuum FY2017