Improved Access to LGBT Rights and Health Care

In September 2017 WAAF closed out the Improved Access to LGBT Rights and Health Care project, a joint project in partnership with Human Right Advocacy Center. WAAF objective of the project has been to reach out to LGBT community with free, professional and friendly health services. HIV testing and STI screening and treatment has been focus of services provided from DICs, outreach and through Mobile Clinic services.

Mobile Clinic services improve the quality of service delivery.

WAAF also saw this as an opportunity to provide the full cascade of HIV services outside health facilities. Knowing of the struggle it can be to link PLHIV into HIV care and treatment, WAAF believed that with HIV management services in a mobile clinic there would be an increase in enrollment in ART of clients detected to be HIV positive during DIC or outreach activities.

After 18 months of implementation, WAAF provided services to 1385 people, 735 confirmed to be member of LGBT community. 499 people were diagnosed and treated for STI, 964 received HIV testing services, where 97 were detected to be HIV positive.